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Monday, March 19, 2012

I Hope You Get Well Soon Jason Russell

My heart goes out to Jason Russell, the American film and theater director, choreographer, and activist who co-founded Invisible Children, Inc. He is also the director of Kony 2012, a short documentary film that went viral in the beginning of March 2012. The short documentary subject is the African rebel leader Joseph Kony, his war crimes, and the movement to bring him to the International Criminal Court.

Many of you may have heard on the news that Jason had a public meltdown last week out in the streets of San Diego. He was seen, and videoed and then ultimately arrested for running around naked and screaming. Some sources are even saying that he may have been masturbating. I say bullshit! People want to make more of his actions; the media and court of public opinion sensationalize fucking everything! His "people" are saying that Jason was dehydrated, malnourished and sleep deprived. Is that just spin? However, I've been reading online that many different sources are now saying that Jason is a closeted gay man and because of his religious upbringing, is tortured about his homosexuality. That makes me sad. I guess I relate completely except I'm not married (I think he is, and with 2 kids). I relate to how it must feel if he is indeed gay and feeling trapped. I want to say, leave the guy alone. He obviously needs some help, and I hope he gets it. He's a hugely talented man and he's a human being so give him fucking space to deal with whatever it is that he is dealing with.  Respect him and support and love him, regardless of what's going on with him... if he's ill, straight, bi, gay, apple, vegetable or whatever! I'm adding this last part to my blog entry. I just watched the (Jason Russell's) video Kony 2012. I thought it was very well done - but then it should be because Russell is a professional filmmaker. Do I believe every word it say? No, I don't believe every word anyone says unless it's my mom or dad. I also just got a comment from Jorge (see comments below). He wrote and said that Russell and his film are just a scam. Okay Jorge, I've heard that but my mind is open and although there is a possibility that certain aspects of this video may be fake, there is also a good chance that it's based on real facts and truth. Jorge writes in his comment that I am "biased" and care about Jason Russell because he "may be" gay. Jorge, FYI I simply started writing this blog entry today not because of the political ramifications of his film, Kony 2012... I wrote this blog entry because I felt sorry for Jason Russell because he is a human being and he seems to be in some sort of pain.  My bias has nothing to do with his possibility of being gay; it's only that I care about anyone I see hurting! Maybe Jorge you wrote that comment to me because you're biased... could that be possible?

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Jorge said...

Support him because he is a closeted homosexual? No thank you. This scam artist needs to be exposed and you are obviously biased.