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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Night With Celebrity Apprentice & Other Boring Stories

Just a quick post to say hello. Had a bitch of time upgrading to a new desktop PC late last week. Everything that possibly could go wrong did. I was cursing Dell, iTunes, Quicken... especially Quicken, and HP. I wanted to toss this fucking computer out the window but if I did, I'd only have to go and pick it and plug it back in. The, I'd have dented and smashed, fucked-up computer that not only doesn't work right but that looks like shit too. You never win!

Not too much else to say - otherwise a fairly quiet weekend. Wait, I did meet some guy. I met him online. He was pretty nice, married (what the fuck) and lives in NYC during the week alone in an amazing apartment down on ____ Street across the street from Wall Street. Leaving the street name out helps me to feel as if I am protecting his already obscure identity. On weekends he travels home to his family in another major US city. Why did I meet him? Well, why not.  We had good conversation about golf and some golf even which takes place down in Florida. The apartment which overlooks Wall Street was amazingly nice; not huge or expensively decorated, but nice. The building is the priciest around and his small apartment had to set him back at least a million. I think the apartment was the highlight of our time together. We talked, had some fun (nothing crazy - you know me) and then I was on my way. Will he become a new friend? He has my digits and I have his but I'm not banking on it; it would be nice if it does happen and no big deal if it doesn't.

Also, watched Donald A. Trump tonight on Celebrity Apprentice. The A. in Donald A. Trump stands for ARROGANT ASSHOLE. So fucking arrogant and that Don Jr. is right behind him for second place. What about Ivanka you ask? Very pretty; I could be that smart too though if my Dad paid me 200 million a year and sent me to the finest of schools and gave me 3 assistants, etc. etc.

Okay, I'm outta here. Want to relax for a bit and catch a Netflix movie before bed. I'll speak with you all soon - I promise.

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