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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter & Passover Everyone!

It's Easter Sunday.  Happy Easter to all those who celebrate. If your holiday is Passover, then Happy Passover to you. This is such a beautiful time of the year. 

The weather in NYC has been phenomenal all winter long. Except for one freakish snowstorm back in mid October, we've had no snow at all. Have wanted to write a post for a while but it's been so easy to become distracted and put it off. 

I kind of  put an abrupt halt to speaking and seeing Mary about six weeks ago. She has reached out to me twice thus far to ask why and to see how I am. I've ignored both of her attempts. After speaking with a friend this weekend about "whats been going on in my life", I found myself feeling bad and coming to the harsh realization that I have been ignoring Mary (who for whatever it's worth - has indeed been a friend of mine) the same exact way (but on a much shorter term, lesser scale) as Jess had and continues to ignore me. That was the worst pain in my life; something I am sure I will never ever fully get over... not until the day that Jess calls or emails me to simply say "hi". I realized, how the fuck can I do that to someone else. Even if she got on my nerves, was selfish and sometimes was motivated strictly by her own gain or lack there of... how can I put my "friend" through the very same shit that broke my heart and tore me apart? I can if I am a cold, heartless, hypocrite of a bastard. But, I most certainly am not. Almost "not" to a fault. Sometimes I think I would be much happier if I was. Anyway, I wrote Mary and email this afternoon, thanking her for her emails and wishing her a Happy Easter. Plain and simple, drama free. I sent her some photos, really nice ones which I took yesterday at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I should post them here as well for you all to see.   So, I will see what happens, what she says, when she responds.

Again, Happy Easter/Happy Passover to you all. Peace and health and above all, abundance of happiness!

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