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Monday, May 7, 2012

Poor John Travolta Being Accused Of Lurid Sexual Advances Again! This Time It's A Male Masseur.

I just heard that John Travolta is once again being accused of unwanted gay advances. This time apparently, Travolta hired a massage therapist and wanted to engage in sex or in some sort of "I'll jerk-you-off if you jerk-me-off" scenario.

Hasn't Travolta been accused by other guys over the years of sexual harassment or trying to get it on with guys? There's been rumors for years that he's gay. Is he? Honestly, I could care less. If he is, then I fucking feel really bad for him for obvious reasons. I can relate to trying to live your life in a closet. If he's not gay then leave him alone already - enough of the false accusations. What do you all think?

Here's a though... if Travolta is gay and his marriage to Kelly Preston is a sham or scam or whatever the hell you call it, then what would happen if Travolta did a Ricky Martin and came out? I mean just come out and live your life the way you want. I think it would be cool and I'd still go to his movies. Of course I would and of course you would too. I might just respect him even more and in my mind, I might even begin to like his movies.

Here's the article that I read about his latest lawsuit:
John Travolta Accused Of Lurid Sexual Advances Towards A Male Massage Therapist In New Lawsuit 

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