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Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm watching Game 3 of the Stanley Cup. The Devils are down 2 games to 0 as they struggle to stay alive against the LA Kings. These are the finals and it's a best of 7 games.  Looks like LA may put the Devils to bed well before it ever goes the 7 game distance. I guess everyone has shit going on in their lives.  Even professional athletes who seem to have it all, have bad days too. Did that comment make sense? I think so! We all have good days and bad whether we're rich or poor or happy with how things are going or not happy.

My birthday is Wednesday. Big fucking deal. Why would anyone be happy about there birthday. It's just a strong reminder that we're getting older, and weaker and closer to, uh...death? Yep, death. I guess if I was totally content with my life, my job, my friends, my family, my finances, my love life, my everything...then I probably wouldn't care that much - but truth be told...I'm not. Big SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Wait a damn blasted minute. You know what?? I may not have a lot of the so-called good things going on in my life, but, I'm healthy, have all my legs and arms, have a family who even though we aren't really close all the time - I know they're there, I have a roof over my head, some money in the bank and a place to call home. Fuck it! I'm going to make the best of this birthday! Damn right, gonna look at the good going on in my life and turn that into a positive! Gee thanks everyone...I really needed this talking to. I feel better :)

Hey, I love that some people still read what I have to write. I really love it! Thanks everyone, again! I'm glad that you're all out there! I promise to write more! Gonna get going now. By the way, Devils are down 4-0 in this Game 3. Stay positive Devils...I am!

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Happy Birthday!