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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Might Be Changing My Blog To Approved Readers Only

I am thinking about putting a password on my blog, My Big Itch. Let me give you my thoughts as to why. I think I am holding back, not writing as much, and being overly cautious because this blog is open to and free to anyone on the Internet. I have no idea as to who is reading what I am writing. Actually, I have friends who have said to me, "I can find your blog easily if I wanted to." That's freaky and fucked up and has caused me to pull back quite a bit. So here's a question for my readers, if I put a password on this blog and made it only available to pre-approved readers, would you take the two minute effort to request the password or pre-approval? It's not at all that I want to keep anyone of my readers or for the most part anyone else out. I just want to feel secure that those who I don't want to read this blog, are kept from doing so.  Cool?

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Jock said...

I have only recently discovered your blog MY BIG ITCH and I can understand your dilemma re password protection. I enjoyed what I have seen and read so far and would certainly look for the password if you decide to make the blog password protected.