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Saturday, June 16, 2012

In Memory Of Erik Rhodes (02/08/82 – 06/14/12) R.I.P.

Erik Rhodes (February 8, 1982 – June 14, 2012) was an American actor who starred in gay porn. For those of you who aren't familiar with him, he was an exclusive and successful star with Falcon Studios. He died of an apparent heart attack just 4 days ago. That is so is fucking tragic, but what makes it even worse is that this 30 year old man with the face and body of an All American idol was horribly afflicted with the pain of depression and self-loathing. So fucking sad Erik; we've all been there.  R.I.P. Erik, I'm crying for you!

From Erik Rhodes Blog, 02/17/12, "Eventually We Are All Going Home..."

"I'm tired of wasting my life, waiting for death, without making my mark on this world, without trying to be a good boyfriend and start a family, without just giving life a chance at being worthwhile. I have never understood life in general and i think its finally about time to just give up hoping that life isn't as shallow as it become to me... i mean there must be some meaning and I'm starting to believe the harder you search for it the longer it alludes you. So in an attempt to feel a little more alive, I have abandoned all my hopes and I'm just letting life take me where it wants. I think this way i can avoid life's consistent "let downs".

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Anonymous said...

You were a hurt little boy who put on a tough act to protect himself from the pain of disappointment you experienced every day.

You lost all trust in people and all hope in your life.

You may have found peace but I can't.

James, I know you said not to ask "If only I..." but I have to because I have to go on living, living without you.

When I think of you, my heart breaks. I know I should let you go but I don't want to lose your memory even if it means I have to cry again and feel that empty hole in my heart.

There were people who loved you but you gave up trying to figure out who was fake and who was real.

You gave up but I can't give up on you.

I miss you so very much and I will always love you.