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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Love This Commercial! I Need Some Double Impact!

This Liquid Plumber commercial is making the TV rounds again in the NYC area. Damn, I love it. Check it out and you won't have any confusion as to why I say that. 

The first time I viewed it, years ago, I wondered how the hell they were able to put that kind of "erotic and suggestive" hot commercial on the air. Since then, it kind of disappeared. But, lately it's back!  When I hear it  playing on TV, even if it's in the other room, I have to high-tail my arse back to watch it. The two guys are frigging hot as hell; No; smokin' hot and pretty close to perfection in my book, All I can think of when I watch it is how amazing some double impact from them would be. God, this commercial makes me hot!

Anyone else care for some double impact from these two uh, plumbers? I'd be happy as hell with single impact from either... one at a time. So which guy do you like best? That's no easy question. I like them both equally for different moods.  Oh, and is there a woman in this commercial as well? Funny, I didn't notice!

Watch it and enjoy it!

1 comment:

BearTalks said...

Oh, I know it, it is awesome! :D :)