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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grilled Chicken Over A Salad

I saw Jess last night, for a few hours.  I sent him a text during the afternoon, and asked he if was available to hang out for a few hours.  He wrote me back saying "of course".  I was happy about that and headed over to his place around 7:00pm.

Since I no longer had his house key (remember, I gave it back to him last Saturday) I was going to have to wait on the street perhaps at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble or even on the steps in Union Square where I have waited many times for him over the past 9 months.  But I got a text from Jess telling me to go to his doorman and he would give me a key to get in.  Glad about that too.

We had a low key few hours together.  Jess was "on" and he was as he always is when he is "on", adorable, fun, friendly and caring.  We didn't get too deep about things, but we did talk briefly about how Jess considers me family.  He says his family cares about me too.  He says that I have this preoccupation for some reason about being abandoned and left alone, not just by him but by others as well.  He wanted me to know that he would never leave me, at least not leave me a a "friend".

We hugged, had dinner ( I got some grilled chicken at Gristedes Grocery as well as some brown rice and green and red peppers.  Jess had said that he was in the mood for salad (since he had a new bag of spinach leaves in the fridge - he wanted to eat light).  I cut the chicken into strips and Jess made his famous balsamic dressing with mustard.  It was light, it was delicious, I was with Jess, it was perfect.

What will happen today, tomorrow, this weekend or at anytime for that matter?  I have no idea.  Taking it day by day.

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