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Friday, April 23, 2010

Jess's Email To Me After Reading "The Law Of Attraction And Grouchiness" Article I Sent Him.

So let me catch you up.  You read earlier today that I sent Jess the Internet article called THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND GROUCHINESS.  Right?  I sent that link to him and in the email I wrote:

Although the dynamics of the relationship of the people in this article are different from you  and I, I still found this article somewhat helpful and interesting.  Read it if you get a chance.

Well, Jess just responded to that email, no not with another text or voice message, but with an email.  Here is what he wrote:

Hey!  I'm sitting at the airport and read the article.  It's great and I totally agree.  You need to do what you need to do to make yourself feel good.  I will be fine!

So, what does this mean?  Especially since he say "I will be fine".  What does that mean?  Is he okay with me backing off or is he okay with realizing that I am calling him out on this finally?  Or, is he just not that moved or concerned and he doesn't really care what I do or consider doing?  This is odd, especially since he text and contacted me a number of times today to apologize (not one time was I able to or felt like actually speaking directly to him - I did respond with texts).

So that's the update.  Now, let him go to his dinner or party or whatever he is going to tonight and hope he thinks about his.  He probably won't.  I'm going to hang at my  friend Tim's and catch a movie and just keep my mind busy.  Should I instead consider looking online, perhaps Craig's List and hookup and just fuck everything up more?  Nah, I don't really want to be with anyone else and I make a shitty hookup since I don't freaking do anything - so paranoid of disease's and shit. Besides, I love this guy.  He has got to learn that I'm not a fucking toy!  I hate this shit.  

Oh, if you want to read the article again that I sent to Jess (and posted earlier) called THE LAW OF ATTRACTION AND GROUCHINESS here is the link:

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