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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Heard From Jess, Now I Can Go To Sleep!

I was lying on the sofa, trying to relax, maybe watch some television, and of course, trying to stop thinking about Jess.  I'm sure his party was over. By 12:30am I thought to myself, it must be over now.  I wondered if Jess was home alone or did someone stay late and is still there with him. I closed my eyes and must have fallen asleep.

Honk, honk, my iPhone text message alert went off. I was asleep on the sofa, and heard it. I jumped up, not even sure if it was the middle of the night or was it still 11:30pm. It was actually 1:30am and the text was from Jess. He was writing me, nothing much, but he was writing me.

Below is what he wrote me. There is my man! He wrote me. He must be alone, I was smiling inside. I think now I can go to bed. It's not perfect but I feel a little bit better. Not sure I can explain, but you probably know how I feel.  Goodnight blog!  Sleep well!  I love you Jess!

Hey -- party is over. I cleaned up a little, too. I really missed you tonight. 
XO Jess


Adventures In Gay Dating said...

Love the blog. You sound like such a sweet guy. I'd been very interested to read more about who you are sans Jess.

Can a guy that's been around the block(hell, the block's been named after him by now)give you a word of advice about this whole Jess thing:

You shouldn't have to work so hard at it. Love is supposed to feel good. Do you feel good ? From reading about 20 "Jess" posts I can tell that his interest level isn't there.

I've been there. I know where you are. Wishing you much love & healing.

Geoff said...

I actually found your blog through a post off another favorite of mine (Adventures In Gay Dating), and really enjoyed reading.

I recently shredded some old journals and when I read some of the posts, they sounded really close to your experiences with Jess. Love hurts sometimes, but I wouldn't trade the journey for anything.

Consider me a new fan!