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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Walking Home

My view as I was walking home last night. I was heading west on E.33rd. It was late and the side streets tend to be more quite, especially in the commercial, non residential area's. Many times, it's easy to get lost in your thoughts.

The Empire State Building assured me that everything is going to be alright. It said to me... "remain calm, life has its ups and downs and turns and bends, but in the end whatever is for the best will endure". I want to believe that. I think I do.

I sent this picture (once again my trusty iPhone helps me capture my mood and a point in time) along with a few thoughts in an email to a few friends. It might sound corny, but here is what I wrote:
Walking home the other night.  It was NYC, but it was quiet and calm.  An occasional police siren a block or two away sounds like music and I'm walking in the video.  Even if I didn't need to, it couldn't help but be a perfect time and place to think.  There is something about being the only person on the street and the sound of your shoes hitting the concrete pavement.  It becomes a rhythm, a sort of dance. The Empire State Building was watching and stood stoically by just a few blocks away.  Something about that was comforting.  I think I smiled.

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SteveA said...

Sometimes being alone gets you thnking - hey - it's not too bad!