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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today Is My Birthday. Not A Good Day!

I haven't seen Jess since last Tuesday. He has kept his distance. I called him yesterday a few times. He didn't respond until 9:00pm last night with a text message saying that he had been out with friends all day and didn't remember to take his telephone with him, and he was now running out to dinner.  I miss Jess, but he has made it clear that he doesn't care much for me. Today is my birthday, I am very sad. I don't even feel much like going anywhere. Jess called me on the phone this morning, first time in days. I was too sad to answer the phone, especially since I knew he wasn't going to say much to me. I wondered if he was calling me to wish me a happy birthday?  But, all he said was that he was "checking in" and on his way to get a haircut. He told me how he left his phone at home all day yesterday as he walked all over the city with friends. He said he had a good but busy day. Jess forgot it was my birthday. He never wished me a happy birthday.

Jess forgot that it was my birthday. My heart is already broken, but this only adds to my hell.


RAD said...

Sorry Your Unhappy today!

BUT I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your day gets better and BEST wishes to you!! Big HUGS and Lots of kisses! xoxoxoxox Big love to you!

SteveA said...

Happy birthday Steve! I hope you go out and have does not make sense to be on unhappy on a day like today!

keliss said...

I too wish to say happy birthday and best wishes.

I'm really sorry about your "blah" birthday. May I suggest that you too might go out and keep busy. I know you miss Jess, but the more you stay put and pine over it, the more excruciating it's gonna be for you.

Maybe you can find some friends to try and celebrate your b-day with?

drew said...

Happy Birthday!!! I don't think you will believe this now but you are on track to get your life back and pursue a real relationship. I believe with every day you will get better and better. You have to believe that learning in life is part of the program and you just learned a big lesson, but a bitter one. Hang in there and push yourself to start doing things... I want the best for you...

Gummi Bare said...

Happy Birthday