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Monday, July 5, 2010

Watch This Video! I Think I Was Having A Stroke Today!!

So this afternoon while I was sweating like a pig in the oppressive heat, me and Mary (you remember her, Jess's friend who I met through him and now she is also mine, kinda, sorta, sometimes) hung out. When she wasn't complaining about the heat and pumping me about whether or not Jess has call, texted, emailed or whatevered me, we decided to go to get out of the heat and grab a light bite to eat.  Check out arm, it started to freak out. I told Mary to grab my iPhone and photograph what looked like bicep spasms! So fucking freaky! Hey, read the next blog entry to find out what Mary did to me later on during the day! Bitch!

1 comment:

StevieB said...

That's awesome and creepy at the same time.