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Monday, July 5, 2010

Mary Really Fucked Up Tonight Big Time! And Yes It Involves Me & Jess!

This is really fucked up. As most of you know, Jess and I are working through our "situation". Jess and I communicate by email everyday, sometimes even a few times a day. We also text and every once in a while we will talk on the phone. He has told me that he cares about me but was so freaked out about what I did with his closet (oy vay already!) that he needs time to get over it wants to get to know me all over again. How fucking weird is this dude. But I fucking love him so I am playing as always by his rules. Eventually he feels that we will be together as best or as very good friends and well who knows what. It hasn't been easy for me to say the least. I have been paling around with Mary. She fucking loves Jess and if Jess wasn't gay she'd be all over his pecker. Click on the jump below to read what whacked out shit Mary pulled on me tonight and all because she is wet for Jess!

Sometimes I wonder if she calls me everyday and hangs out with me so much because she gets to hear me talk about Jess, etc and she gets to hear that even though he and her are friends, he still contacts me via text and email way more then he calls her. I think it frustrates her to no end, because she knows that he is upset with me still and she wonders why the fuck he contacts me so much more then her. Hey, I keep telling her not to compare her to me. Its a different scenario. Besides, Jess is gay! I am gay. He was my boyfriend for nine months and although we aren't together now, who knows what still may be there between us. Sheesh Mary! Figure it out!

So As you saw in the earlier post, Mary and I hung out late this afternoon. It was too hot for her... bitch, bitch, bitch!  We grabbed a light salad for lunch (thats where the video of my arm freaking out was taken). She needed to get indoors afterwards cause she was too hot. I told her I had a few things to do still. She told me to come over when I was done and she and I would hang out, grab dinner later, maybe watch a movie. I said fine and told her that I would see her later.

When I got to her apartment about 35 minutes later, it felt so good to get indoors! I sat down and cooled off and started to relax for the first time all day. Then, she gets a fucking text from Jess. That put a fucking smile on her face. You would think that she accidentally sat on a vibrator and it was turned on in the highest speed setting! On brother, she was all excited! I could hear the squishy noises coming from her panties as she squirmed in her chair. She told me that Jess told her that he wanted to come over to her place at 8:00pm to watch the True Blood episodes that he has missed on her HBO On Demand. Funny, because Mary had told me that she called him and asked him on Thursday night if he wanted to watch the episodes with her and for him to call her back later Thursday. Jess, never called her back till today, Monday. She has been bitching all fucking weekend, "why does he email and text you who he is angry with and he doesn't even call me back" she kept saying!
Anyway he calls her 4 days later and at the last minute at 7:00pm no less. And what does Mary do? She looks at me, (don't forget, she invited me to come to her place and chill, grab dinner etc and I had just gotten there 20 minutes earlier) and tells me that I have to go so Jess can come over. She tells me after inviting me over that I HAVE TO GO! I was quiet about it but I was pissed. I didn't really let her know that I was pissed but she figured it out. Fuck it, I left. Didn't want to mess up Jess's night either and of course I can't be there when Jess is there, not yet at least. He and I are still in the fucking email writing stage. What a fucking mess. So I left.

Then Mary calls me and near tears she tells me that she wrote Jess and told him that she is an asshole for what she did to me. She tells him she is upset with herself and that he shouldn't come over. I tell her, Mary this is too much fucking drama for me. And I think you are wrong for what you did. Call Jess back and tell him to come over. I'm already gone and not coming back so you might as well have him come by. She calls him back and hahahaha he tells her that he doesn't want to come over anymore! So fucking weird. They are all so fucking weird. Mary send me the following email and of course, I go home thinking that she is a fucking whack-job. Lets see if and what Jess says about this all to me when he writes me either later tonight or tomorrow.  Hopefully not much. Since it has nothing to do with him and nothing to do with me except that I was thrown out of her place to make room for him. So fucking nuts. Here is Mary's email to me that she sent me an hour or so ago.


Tonight made me realize that I am not being fair to you. I invited you over than treated you badly.  That's not right at all, and I am sorry. Much as I fail at it I value you as my friend. But I keep turning around and hurting you, and you've been hurt too much recently to also tolerate it from me. I have to be a better friend and you deserve that right now more than I do. Maybe it's too complicated for us to be friends while still maintaining our separate relationships with Jess. I truly hope that's not the case because that's not what I want. I just have to work out why I did what I did and learn that it's way too easy to hurt people. Anyway, I am here, and will continue to be here, failings and all, as your friend.


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