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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jess Called & My Car Was Broken Into!

Today was another rough day. I finally heard from Jess. He said he was away all day with his brother and sister and usually doesn't take his phone with him when he is hanging out with them unless he needs to call them. He called me at around 5:00pm and we talked for a brief time (reception sucked). He also called me tonight and left me a voice message (I had to get the fuck out of my place - if you read the rest of this blog you will see why.) And he wrote me two brief emails. I didn't write back since he said he was heading to bed early and besides, I reached out to him enough today. One last comment tonight on Jess. I told him that I thought he was again ignoring me for what I wrote to him on Friday night where I told him that I was "moving on". He laughed and said that the only thing that he was ignoring was that email and what I wrote. He said that he emailed me Saturday night and Sunday night because he didn't take too seriously what I had said.

Now for other issue today. I have a car and use it mostly when I am in Jersey or heading out of town. I was out with it today and some scumbag thief smashed my window and stole my wallet. Glass was everywhere but luckily he did no body damage to my car, just shattered the glass. I'll be picking up glass for the next year.

He stole my wallet but the good thing is that I had two wallets in my car. One that had all my credit cards, store cards, etc., etc. and a second smaller wallet that I kept in my console that had only my Am Ex and my license. The asshole stole the smaller one. Apparently he head over to Best Buy super fast and spent over $1,000. I called Am Ex and canceled the card. They are sending me a new one and told me that I am not responsible for the amount charged by the scumbag! I have to also get a new license... and fix the window.

Aside from that the motherfucker didn't steal my iPhone which was also in the car, my keys, my other wallet with all my stuff, or by blue tooth for my phone. So I guess it could have been worse, right!

I am happy, no thrilled, that I spoke with Jess. Fuck, can anyone explain to my why love is so powerful!

Oh and there was a guy who witnessed the dick breaking into my car. The cool dude came and told me and we called the cops. He got the fucker's license, can you believe that!! And the cops say they got a damn good chance of finding and prosecuting!  Fuck yeah!

Here are some pics of my car after the break in.

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