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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Dad Is Rushed To The Hospital For What Appeared To Be A Heart Attack.

It's been a few days since I have written. Wednesday evening at 9:30pm I received a phone message from my brother. My dad was rushed to the hospital with severe chest pains, shortness of breath, etc. The emergency room team that saw him when he got their all speculated that he was experiencing the classic symptoms of a heart attack. My entire family rushed there to be by his side. After 30 hours of EKG's, MRI's, morphine for pain and everything and anything else that you can think of, the results are in. My dad did not suffer a heart attack. He was instead experiencing an acute gallbladder attack. It has been determined that this Saturday morning, he is going to have his gallbladder removed. Although we (my family) is relieved that he did not have a heart attack, we are now preparing ourselves for dad's unexpected surgery. Given a choice, gall bladder removal surgery is considered fairly routine these days. Thank god it wasn't a heart attack. Expecting and hoping for the best as well as a quick and easy recovery.

That being said, I contacted Jess on Wednesday night as I was heading to the hospital. I was so worried that my dad was in the process of having a life threatening heart attack, I reached out to the first person (aside from my family) that came to mind... Jess.  He has since text me almost every hour as well as called me on the phone numerous times. Jess is so concerned about my dad and me that it makes me feel good!

Hopefully everything will go well and this can all be behind my dad and my family ASAP.

One of Jess's emails:

Hey Steve -- 

I'm really worried about you.  I got your phone message two hours after you left it.  I texted immediately. I'm writing this email about 20 minutes after that. I just want to be sure you -- and your dad -- are OK?. Are you still at the hospital? What's going on? Have they told you anything yet? How are you holding together?

I feel a little weird emailing you since you probably have a ton on your mind. Especially since I didn't do much today beyond driving back from Melton with my brother, sister, mom and niece and laying around. I didn't sleep well last night.

Let me know what is going on. I'm VERY concerned. Call me, email me or text me whenever you hear something or if you need to talk. I'm worried!

Sending huge, concerned hugs,

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