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Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Of My New Photo's. NYC On A Beautiful Sunday. What Do You Think?

I have been occupying a lot of my free time with taking photographs. I love it. Recently, as I have written here in my blog, I started to use my digital camera instead of my iPhone. Using the iPhone to take serious pictures just doesn't cut it. When I take the pictures, it helps keep my mind occupied and keeps me focused on something other then missing Jess. That, aside from the simple fact that I love the creative aspect, is a good thing. I totally consider myself a new photography enthusiast and a beginner. What do you think of the photo's?

This big guy was walking up 5th Ave. I had to take a picture of him.  I wish I had my camera ready as he was walking toward me so that I could have gotten a front view as well.  All you "bear lovers", enjoy!
I wanted to take these flower pictures to see how clear and brilliant the 
colors and flowers would come out. I think they came out really nice.
The following 4 pictures were taken on Sunday at Chelsea Pier on the lower west side of Manhattan. It was an absolutely beautiful day.
The following 4 pictures were take on Sunday in Central Park.
This guy was just standing on the corner on 5th Ave. He was really bizarre because he moved and opened his mouth and did strange things. I don't even think he was wearing a mask; I think he only has on face makeup.

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