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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Took My Final Exam And Even Met Another New Guy At The Sleaze Bar.

Woohoo, I finally finished my English Comp course. I took the final exam earlier today and I am fucking done with it. I think I mentioned a while back that I was taking courses towards a further degree. You all might have forgotten because Jess took precedent with regard to what I was doing and thinking about back then. Maybe to an extent he still does. Anyway, I've got a straight A average in the course and the final was fucking difficult, long and boring. Did I say fucking difficult? Well it was fucking difficult but I am done. I want at least a B on this exam if not an A. I want a fucking A in the course. I deserve it. I worked my ass off writing essays and reading and writing essays all year. Did I say writing essays all damn year? I can smell the 3 credits. Too bad I have a lot more to do. Oh well.

Did I mention that I met a cute kid at the sleaze bar a few weekends ago? His name is Ekrem and he is Turkish and has been living in the United States for twelve years (not all of those twelve years in NYC).
(Read all about it and more, after the JUMP)
We stood and talked and got pretty touchy-feely with one another on the night we met. But still, for meeting in the meat-market sleaze bar, I think we conducted ourselves well. We looked into each others eyes a lot and really got to know one another. Still, at the end of the night, we exchanged telephone numbers and promised to text and see each other the following weekend (which was this past weekend). We did and we did. I saw Ekrem on Saturday night. He is a scientist and does cancer research. He is pretty young. I think (yes, I haven't asked him yet because it just doesn't matter) he is anywhere from 29 - 34 but most likely closer to the 29 side. Marco #1 met him because he slipped into the bar on Saturday night after I told him that I was going to be there. I introduced him to Ekrem. He said he was really cute and young. I'm not looking for a boyfriend and neither is Ekrem. More-so, I think we both are looking for a new friend who can be trusted and counted on and who we each are attracted to, so I guess we will start off calling it, friends with benefits. I know I'm attracted to him and I know he is to me. He has already texted me four times since Saturday night and has invited me over to his apartment sometime this coming weekend. No specific date yet planned but we both know it will be this weekend sometime. I'll let you know what goes on but don't expect anything earth shattering with regard to hard-core sex. Not my style and not Ekrems, although he was freaking horny as a fucker Saturday night in the bar with me. I couldn't keep his hands and lips and body off of me but did I also mention that I liked it and had no plans or interest to stop him. I think Marco #1 might be a tad jealous. He has mentioned to me many times since Saturday night, "How's your new boyfriend?" Speaking of Marco #1, that fucker said to me, earlier on Saturday that he feels that I am an "internal homophobe." Ha-ha, can you fucking imagine that? Right now I am sure that a few of my friends are echoing the answer to that question in unison and saying, "Yes!'  Then he says, "But that's not a bad thing." What the hell? I guess because I don't like walking up and down the street screaming and groping gay and straight men for being hot and sexy and going to every gay bar in Manhattan 7 days a week and getting drunk and laid most nights. Well, in the words of my ex friend and lover Jess, uh wait, there aren't any words to insert here - he doesn't talk to me. I guess you thought I was going to end this post without mentioning Jess to a greater extent. Well, I did! So now, to all of you... goodnight and sleep tight. If you are thinking to yourself right now, "He's in a good mood." well, don't. I'm not in a particular good or bad mood. I'm glad my course is done and finished and I'm tired. So once again, good night.

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