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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm beginning to think that my blog is boring for most of you to read. Why do I think  that? Well, for one thing, my blog has tame, g-rated images that are appropriate for a pre-pubescent school kid or someones grandmother to read. Second, for many months, all I wrote about was Jess. It's not that I have forgotten Jess, no-far be it from that, it's just that I am doing the best I can to move forward with my life, do more things for me and write about it all on here. But, I'm not sure if my daily life, be it work, play, my old and new friends, my new extroverted life at the bars and with dating are interesting to anyone other then me. Should I add nudity? I see other blogs that have tits and ass and cock and well, hair! Do I need to add that to my blog? Will it spice things up here? Funny, I even have an adult warning banner on my blog before anyone can read it. Why the fuck do I have that? Maybe because I say fuck or because I talk honestly about things or who the hell knows! So for my gay followers-do you want more sizzle? More sex? More men? More pics? For my straight followers; do you want more tits? More hot ladies? Maybe you all want a geeky tech review? Or maybe recipes-forget that, I don't cook. I want followers and I want comments and I want you guys to read me. To be honest, I thought you all had enough of hearing about Jess so I stopped my bitching and whining and got on with my life. I can still bitch and whine if you want! I also decided to take my life in my hands (yeah, I do that too) and embarked on my new gay crusade to meet lots of new people, go to lots of new places (bars are included in this) and have lots of new experiences. But is that fucking boring? I really want to know what you think. What do you all want? I'd really like to know so lets hear it. I am going to add a new POLL on my blog so please take a minute and respond so I can know what you're thinking.

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Sean said...

I think you should blog about what makes happy, what you want to. Blogs with naked men and sex are a dime a dozen for the most part but interesting, personal blogs are a dying breed.