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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Night At The West Side Club

Last night, I hung out with my friends Marco #1 and Marco #2. Marco #2 was drunk (like always) when I met up with him at the bar at only 8:45pm. He told Marco #1 and me that he wanted to go and get an HIV test, not because he felt he had any concerns about anything, but just because he had been pretty active (yet safe) within the last few months. So for the first time ever for me, we walked a few blocks over to the West Side Club where they also do free HIV testing. We sat in the dimly lit waiting area as guys were coming and going, mostly into the Club which is a well known (sleaze hangout) sauna and spa on Manhattans west side. After waiting twenty minutes, Marco #2 (the drunk guy that we went for the testing for) got pissed and rattled and tired of waiting so we left. Decided to go towards NYU (New York University) and Washington Square Park, for dinner. Marco #2 was too wired up and I guess drunk; he didn't want to go so he veered off and I went alone with Marco #1. The place looked cool, typical brick walled, wooden floored, early century metal ceiling kind of place. At first, it stunk like garbage inside. I mean really stunk like fucking leach water from a city garbage truck. We thought about leaving. But, the super friendly, German/Polish waitress amused us and we stayed. Marco #1 wanted me to stay over with him last night at his apt. I declined. I was tired and wanted to get a good night sleep in my own bed. There is something nice about waking up in your own bed after a good night sleep (unless you are in love with someone or perhaps its just me and there is something wrong with me.)  I took a few pictures (like always). I hope you like when I post them here even though I don't do if often. I'd like to post more - if you want to see them. Anyway, after dinner we sat in a crowed Washington Square Park until 12:30am. It was pretty crowded with your typical late night types. Marco #1 and I actually spoke for about 10 minutes on Jess. He hates what he hears Jess has done to me (and I don't ever say anything bad about Jess to him or anyone.) I guess he hates that I am still so affected by Jess's actions. I'll always love Jess but I think I am getting a little better each week, although sometimes I think that I'm status quo with no great leaps. I will never get to the point of forgetting him and not caring about him and I will never get to the point of not getting a lump in my throat when I think or talk about him. But. my new friends, my new attitude that I am pretty fucking special and my decision to stay clear or distant from Mary has helped.

Okay so here is the pic I took recently in the subway. Believe me the subways are packed with sometimes hundreds of people. This picture was taken late at night (or early in the morning depending on your perspective) and I had to wait and actually walk to a quiet section of the platform where no one was standing.

I think tonight I'm going to my favorite sleaze bar. I really like it there... no pretense, no bullshit, just, well, guys being honest and yes, beefy 99% nude dancers with skimpy fishnet jock straps. Need I say more?

More conversation to come.

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