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Friday, June 10, 2011

Should I Accept My Citiville Welcome Basket? How Often Does One Get A Welcome Basket?

Hey everyone. Yesterday was a bitch of a day - it hit 101 degrees here in NYC. A bit of rain last night cooled things down. Today is a mere 90. I love summer, I love the heat, but 101?

I'm glad its Friday. trying my best to keep busy as hell; which I am.  Hey, so I have a question.  I met a cool guy on Facebook. He seems awesome. We met over a discussion about comic Tracy Morgan, believe it or not. He doesn't like him and I'm kind of put off my him as well. He seems so full of hate and anger. Anyway, this new guy I met on Facebook started a conversation with me. He is from Brooklyn (nearby) and he's cute too. He added me as a friend today. I keep my Facebook secure and that doesn't allow me to add many apps. This guy, sent me a Facebook Citiville Welcome Basket. When I tried to accept it, it told me that I have a secure Facebook site and I need to leave that secure site to accept. It goes on to say that the next time I log in to Facebook, I will automatically be put back onto the secure site. Any ideas what the fuck this is or what I should do. If I ignore it, then I don't want the Brooklyn dude to think I was either put off by his request or ignoring him. 

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