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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saw The Movie Beginners. You Will Like It But Not Love It. And You Will Tear Up!

Last night I didn't go to the "sleazy bar". Instead, I met with Marco #1, grabbed a quick dinner and went to see a movie. We discussed what to see and decided on the "Beginners". An interesting movie with an interesting premise. The following paragraph does not ruin or give away the movie as what I am writing is revealed in the first few minutes of the movie as well as in the trailer.

Christopher Plummer plays Hal, father to Ewan McGregor's character Oliver. After Oliver's mother dies, Hal, at age 75, comes out of the closet and energetically pursues the gay life he had denied himself for three quarters of a century. At almost the same time, Hal is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It was a pretty decent movie but very sad. It's one of the few movies this year to have significant gay content and Ewan McGregor can at certain times be very sexy. At other times he just looks real good. Anyway, I went to see this with Marco #1 at the Chelsea Cinema in NYC's gay Chelsea part of town. I think 80% of the audience was gay and out on either dates or with their significant other. It was interesting to say the least.

Is this movie great? No. Will this movie will any awards? Probably not. Should you see this movie? Yes. Gay or straight, it leaves you with a good message, albeit sad. By the way, some funny scenes with the cute dog.

I thought about Jess a lot during this movie. I hope he sees it.

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