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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heatwave Saturday Night

It's Sunday morning, actually, I just looked at the clock and its almost 11:00am already. The last few days have been brutally hot here in the city, with temperatures over 100 degrees and with humidity which feels like a warm wet towel draped over your body. But, I love the summer and I love the heat. There is something really sultry about it and as long as I can sleep with air conditioning, eat with air conditioning, and occasionally get off the hot street and chill in a cool place like a Starbucks, then all is good.

Last night was fun. Went to a bar, actually two. Stopped in early at the Sports Bar first just to see a so-called friend who works there. I met him there months ago. He's hot in cute, small, younger, kind of way. Luckily I got to see him (as he doesn't work there all nights) and he gave me a big hug and kiss hello and told me how awesome I looked. Okay, that's all I needed from that bar. Now off to my favorite sleaze bar. Last night was a bit different at the sleaze bar. I actually spoke to two really hot dancers for the first time. It's never been my thing to walk up to dancers and stick money in their g-strings and touch and grope. Not my style. I'd rather admire from a distance.  There are some really hot dancers there and I have spoken to a few as they have walked by me. Some have noticed me there and they've wanted to say hello. Anyway, I did finally speak to two of them last night and although they are hot, they also are sweet smart guys with something to say. That was fun!

I always meet guys when I go to this bar. Maybe that's why I like it there. I met a few more last night. One gave me his number but not sure if I will call; I know I probably won't call. Okay, so most of the guys that I met were not the kind of guys who would interest me enough for me to get to know, but it's still fun to be checked out, and looked at, smiled to and then walked up to. I like the strategic aspect of it all. It's funny to watch and see. I met one guy named John (the guy who gave me his telephone number), who seemed nice enough. The body wasn't my type but his face was cute and he had a good personality and was funny as hell. You're probably laughing right now as to why I would give a shit about someones personality when I meet them in a sleazy bar - you're probably thinking I should be interested in one thing only...  sex. Well, I told you all that I was different then most. Sex is great, but isn't it more fun, more exciting and more fulfilling to meet someone that you actually could like?

Also, really sad about Amy Winehouse. So talented... such a waste! So young... such a damn shame!

Stay tuned for more. I will write more later.

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RAD said...

I wish we had a heatwave---cool and wet here in Seattle! Hope all is well with you! Stay cool bud!