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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday Evening And All Is Well... So Far... I Think!

Monday at 5:30pm. I was going to finish work and head over this photography school in midtown that I found out about. I really want to take a photography course there; actually pretty affordable, I think. If I'm not mistaken it's under $350.00 for a once a week course. I forget how long the course lasts for but I will check it out before committing to anything. Also, a girl on the subway told me about a really cool yoga studio in the city. I think I want to start taking it. It's a non-committal, pay as you go type of scenario. At first I will take the regular classes, (hope they have a beginner level), then I would love to try and do the "hot yoga" classes. What do you think? Has anyone ever taken that? It's getting really popular here in NYC and as bad as this may sound, I'm really pretty fit physically, (emotionally - well, that's another story) so I think I will get some some benefit out of it.

Heading to the store soon. Need to by new work-out crap for the gym. Been using the same stuff for forever and a friend pointed out the rips in the crotch area on my shorts today. So, I think I am ready for something new. Might even give me a boost and a fresh start if I get some new stuff. Also want to check out the yoga mats as the place I want to go will rent me one for $2.00 but I don't want to lie on anyone else's sweat, (unless I am sleeping with them.)

My gym friend Aiden, who I have known for quite some time is coming over afterwards at 8:45 to watch a movie. Hope he brings something good. Aiden is gay and pretty low key about it. I told him a little about me; that I have been with men, etc. but never really gotten into the whole story of me with him...yet. I don't think I need to... yet! Aiden likes me and I love massage and Aiden loves to give me massages and Aiden loves to do things for me (except it makes me uncomfortable when people who are just my friends do things for me when I know they are doing them because they "like me"). Anyway, catch my drift? Massage is harmless... no?

Notice how I've somewhat stopped talking about "you-know-who?"

I'll write more later.  Promise! Hope you're all well!

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