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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Took A Ten Day Break But I'm Still Here!

Hey there everyone! Seems like I took a little break for a week or two as I haven't been my usual chatty self. I noticed that Blogger (is that what they call this site or is it Blogspot?) has changed their format a bit. It made it a bit confusing for me when I signed onto my command central starting point to write. Like everything else in life, I will adjust to it and eventually grow to like it.

I may have told you all that photography is just one of my latest passions. Although my Canon digital camera sucks, it  has been an upgrade from taking earlier photo's with my iPhone. Definitely going to get a new camera but not sure if I should just get the simpler digital point and shoot type camera or go for something a bit more involved like an SLR. The SLR will allow me to use different lenses and has many more options.  Might be a lot more confusing as well as it also being bigger equipment to lug around. The only good thing about that is I've always loved "bigger equipment", know what I mean?

Here are some photo's I took a week ago when Ekrem and I were in Central Park. For those of you who are not from NYC or have never been here, Central Park is enormous. There are sections that are unbelievably gorgeous. There are also sections that are inundated with tourists and horse and buggy drivers, etc. The pictures I am posting here for you to see are of a spot that is quiet and serene and quite natural. If I didn't tell you it was Central Park, you might have thought I was in some rural area on a hiking trip. Nope, this is Central Park located in NYC. I hope you enjoy the pictures. More to come, I promise and I will try not to disappear for 10 days again.

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Dale W. said...

Amazing photo's of an amazing space. Thanks for sharing and welcome back. :o)