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Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank God It's Friday!

Wow, has Blogger changed the format? I don't like it - do you? This looks weird now; at least all the behind the scenes stuff seems weird, and different.

It seems like the week has flown by. My last post was on July 2nd. July 4th was kind of fun. Spent the day with Ekrem, partly in Central Park, eating, then having fun back in his apartment and then downtown on the west side to see the NYC fireworks. It was a decent day.

Spent yesterday down in PA for work and took another buddy (Aiden) with me for the long trip. He was good to have around and made the day a whole lot better then I thought it was going to be. Last night, I went back to my "sleaze bar" and like always met another decent guy. His name is Gavin. He is Spanish, American Indian and Mexican. Seems like a really decent guy. We spent about an hour or more talking and then he walked me to the subway. Already he called me last night to say it was nice meeting me and has texted me twice about my plans for tonight. I had only tentative plans with Tim so I most likely will meet Gavin after work in Union Square and see where the night takes us. It never fails - I always meet someone new at the "sleaze bar", although not the usually fare I go for. Gavin, like Tim, Marco #1 and #2 and Doug and a few others seems nice enough and having another new friend to keep me busy is what it's about for me these days. I haven't spoken to Ekrem in a few days but that's how he is. my last contact with him was accepting his Facebook request early in the week.

Hope you all have a good weekend. I promise to write more later today or this weekend.

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