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Friday, September 28, 2012

As Hot As Adam Levine? Christina Aguilera - Your Body

Let me begin by saying that I am not a big reality TV viewer. That being said, I started watching The Voice last season, and... I actually like it a lot. 

The premise of the show is pretty cool and the judges are all so different yet they mesh really well together. Of course, I like Adam Levine... ALOT! Did you really think I wouldn't? I also like Blake Shelton but not in the same "lustful" way I like Adam! When I write about Adam, forgive the obnoxious overuse of exclamation points. Cee Lo Green is an interesting character. That's my big question; is he really the character he appears to be or is it an act? What's with the cat and the bird? He also reminds me of a freak, uh, kind of... well you know what I mean; don't you? Is it me or does he have a dwarf-like appearance? I don't know; maybe it's my fucking shit TV. God, I want a new 55" Samsung LED flat panel.  But, that's another post for another day. Back to Cee Lo; I wonder if he is straight, gay or somewhere in between. Still, I like him, but just can't figure him out. Maybe that's his charm and key to his success. That leaves me with one last judge... Christina Aguilera. I really like her. She is so fucking hot (almost as hot as Adam) and I like as a total package. I mean her face is gorgeous, her body is phenomenally hot and she just exudes sultry sex! Christina is calm and cool and every bit the superstar that she is. 

Anyway, I just saw her new video. Wow, it's hot, the guys are hot and Christina is red hot! Whoever calls her fat is fucking out of their mind! Watch this and see for yourself.

Christina Aguilera - Your Body 

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